“Urgent Intervention“ - 3rd album

“Urgent Intervention“
3rd album by The Farpoint Station.
Here is the short list of the people who worked on it:

Bass: Miroslav Grabar
Guitar and Vocals: Nenad Resnik
Drums: Zlatko Ivankovic
Hammond: Raphael Wressnig
Bongos: Ferid Hukic-Feco
Additional percussion: Valter Stepcic
Additional keyboards and space effects: Neven Resnik
Recorded at Step Sound studio, Croatia
Recording Engineer: Edi Stepcic
Vocals recorded by Ferid Hukic
Mixed in Varazdin, CRO by Tomislav Novosel - Tompa
Mastered at Amsterdam Mastering, The Netherlands, by Darius Van Helfteren
Produced by Nenad Resnik & Miroslav Grabar
Guitar cabinets by Spider Amps
Bonus Track recorded by Tomislav Novosel